ABOUT PROJECT MANAGEMENT Project management is the discipline of planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources to achieve specific goals. It's more then just operational deliverables. It's about understanding the impact of change to individuals and there-after to groups. It's all about managing a process of change together with all stakeholders involved. Each individual effected by the change must have ownership in the understanding of the benefits of the change. Project management is also about managing risk - and the biggest risk is not having the support of the entire group. Therefore - individual contacts and an understanding the individual fears - are the start for reduced risk factors.
If individuals understand the risks involved, they can help to reduce or eliminate them. A successful project is output oriented and not activity-or task-oriented. It starts with defining the expected outputs and the respective path's of the project to be executed. Collaboration is outmost important in defining the output's. Project groups must carry global and individual responsibility in delivering together results. Only when individuals and their superiors understand their role and responsibility in a project, they can contribute to the success of the outcome. Any project has following cornerstones: defining the output, defining the collaboration and reviewing on a regular base the results with all stakeholders involved. Our project managers are certified for following:
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