WHAT IS A PARADIGM SHIFT? In the seventies, Switzerland was the market leader in the sales of watches. It looked like they were unbeatable in that market and nobody could ever think their monopoly could fade. When the first "plastic" watches came onto the market, the Swiss marketeers could never believe in a future for "cheap" watches. The signal they ignored was the desire of the consumer to have accessories that would match their seasonal clothing styles. The shift in their mind they never made was to see their watches as an "accessory". Their product was so important to them, they could never believe the consumer to see it as a garment. Only after half of their market share was reduced, they came far too late with an answer (swatch) and therefore last for always their dominant position within their market. Any company seeking for new products to satisfy their customer base, must equally seek for a paradigm shift amongst their entire staff. CULTURE Our biggest strength as human beings is the at the same time biggest handicap: habits. A lot of people drive their car without thinking about all the motions they are making. Looking to traffic lights, changing gear, talking at the same time to the person next to them in the car. Once we have a skill, it almost looks like evident but we forget the time and efforts we had to make in the very beginning to learn how to learn and to develop that skill. At the same time, what we know is also what we stick to. Lot's of movements we make day in day out, we do not evaluate with a critical eye. We forget the reason why we do them and if it still makes sense to perform them in the same way. That is what we call "culture", it's how we do things, as an individual but also as a group. A WINNING CHANGE Without every stakeholder of an existing process understanding the need for the change, the change will be difficult to be made. Any project is always involving change, and therefore everybody involved must understand and most of all "believe" in the benefits of that change as well for the company as for the individual himself. That is the biggest cornerstone of any change (project). Tristan P.M. Van Tilborgh
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